Clayton Graves

I started my career in media, negotiating radio and tv promotions for Harrah’s Casino. A perfect job for a 22 year old right out of college. Casino clients are wild. In the best possible way.

I then jumped on an opportunity to travel the country for Pizza Hut doing promotions at concerts, wakeboarding competitions, music festivals, etc. I highly recommend everyone take 6 months off and drive across this beautiful country. If you get paid, even better.

Next was possibly my favorite job, developing new products for a variety of beer, wine and spirits companies. Such a fantastic group of account folks and creatives coming up with killer ideas everyday. A ton of growing up happened here and probably when I started to realize you need to be a Jack of all trades when it comes to this industry.

I then moved to sunny San Diego for another agency gig that was equally exhaustive and educational. So many late nights in the search of creative perfection. Whew, after that I actually took a break from the industry and became an EMT. Yes, on my way to becoming a paramedic, but realized what I actually wanted was to use my experience for some good. Not just to make huge companies more money.

So, the freelance years begin. Sharpening my skills in design, web development and video and probably the best skill, working with real business owners. Most people just want to hire someone relatable and that doesn’t talk over their head. Fair.

During this time, I stumbled into my most meaningful job. Working at a non-profit that helps during the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases. By far the most challenging job I’ve had, but also the most rewarding. We’ve grown from a one man (me) department to a full-service team of eight, executing over 1500 online/offline pieces annually, 50+ videos, websites, PSA’s and countless other projects. All to move the needle on an issue that is very difficult to discuss.

So, that’s where I am. Thanks for reading!.


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